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Additoinal Tasks

Various Add-on options (GST excluded)

Product Image

Professional photographers visit the store and take product photos. All captured images are edited and corrected by professionals, and all copyrights of the finished images belong to the purchaser.

from $200

intLab's professional CI designer creates a logo that represents your brand. The created logo is delivered as a high-resolution image file so that it can be used not only online, but also for business cards, signage, and print.

Brochure/re-flat/pamphlet/business card

Professional designers of intLab design various prints. It is a service with high customer satisfaction with high-quality results and reasonable prices.

Product page
from $25

Excerpt product information in the existing homepage or construct a new product page. The business owner must provide product images, detailed descriptions, and price information.

Website Logo Change
from $25

It can be changed to an externally made logo. When requesting logo creation to intLab, the change is free. Externally created logo files can only be used with PNG files of 1000px x 1000px or larger without a background.

Content change
from $25 / page

Changes to other text information such as text and prices within the website. You can edit any text you want within one page, and you must deliver the corrected text directly.

Change the pag style.

You can change the colour, font, and arrangement of elements on the web page. When changing the style, you must provide a specific colour, font, and element changes. Please contact us for style design requests.

Change of form field contents

Request to add or delete fields in existing forms, such as entering shipping information, order completion form, and membership registration form. After deciding on the details to be changed, please request a specific proposal for quick application.

Change responsive element

It is a content modification made with responsive elements on a web page. It is possible to hide the desired element, change the image or content within the element, or change the position of the element. Please contact us for additional elements.

PPC advertising

Ads without strategy alone cannot beat competitors. We will carry out successful advertisements on various platforms such as Google and Naver with a clear strategy configuration.

Facebook/Instagram Shopping

By linking the trend-leading Facebook and Instagram with your website, more customers can visit the online shopping mall, thereby maximizing the customer's profits.

from $150

Our know-how for search engine optimization is an essential element of your business success. Top-ranked of search engines are more powerful than any other advertisement.​

from $80

We are happy to help if you need to deal with a standalone service or a website entrusted to another company is not displayed properly, unexpected problems occur, program updates, etc.

Site analysis

We help you establish a proper business strategy by analysing information necessary for marketing such as analysis of hardware and software of your site, speed analysis, visitor analysis, and SEO analysis.

Make new page

This is a request to create a new page and add features within the website. Plan upgrade may be required when the number of pages increases due to the addition of new pages. Please contact us for more information.

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