Standalone Service

Reasonable fee plan of intLab

Service Plans

Standalone website service for those who want to operate without the need for maintenance.

Standalone - Economy

This service is suitable for those who want to reduce not only the initial cost but also ongoing cost, and want to do the management themselves. 

Standalone - Premium

Suitable for companies who have already managed a website and want to do independent customization and management themselves. This is the best product for those who want more traffic through website speed and optimization. 

Standalone - ECONOMY

Need a website, but is the cost too much for you?

For $695 (excluding GST), we create customized websites such as the company homepage, online shopping mall, and restaurant ordering site. Domain, hosting, and homepage maintenance and management are not included.

We will dramatically reduce the initial cost of building a burdensome online business.

Starter Pack

$ 695 GST Exclusive
  • 1 page
  • Hosting, domain are not incuded
  • Business E-mail
  • Online Enquiry​
  • Responsive web

Business Pack

$ 1595 GST Exclusive
  • Up to 5 pages
  • Hosting, domain are not included
  • Business E-mail
  • Online Enquiry
  • Responsive web

Ecommerce Pack

$ 2495 GST Exclusive
  • Online Shopping
  • Up to 8 pages
  • Unlimited Products
  • Hosting, domain are not included
  • Business E-mail
  • Online booking
  • Online Enquiry
  • Responsive web

Standalone - Premium

This service is suitable for those who already have knowledge of the website, but have difficulty creating a great website that fits the latest trends. 

When you create a site in intLab, all server connection information is delivered to the customer. However, site management, maintenance, backup hosting, and domain renewal are all the  responsibility of the customer .  

You only need to pay the cost when building the site for the first time, and there is no additional cost to intLab after opening the site. 

The exact cost of opening the site may vary depending on the size and function of the site, so it is decided after consulting with us. Call us now!

We are happy when our customers are satisfied.

So, let's be happy together

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