A simple and easy solution for hospitality e-commerce without any commission


EZorder is a hospitality e-commerce solution provided by intLab. 

EZorder is a template product for takeaway business owners who do not want to spend website preparation time and sales commissions. 

Without complicated functions or content preparation, EZorders only focuses on online ordering and payment. It is ideal for cafes, sushi shops, and restaurants that want online takeaway in the non-face-to-face era.

There is no sales commission. intLab is responsible for the domain, hosting, maintenance and Google registration with SEO for just $1.50 per day.

Practical Cases





  • There are no sales commissions that you have to pay separately. 
  • It is a simple system that can only sell, order, and pay for your foods without complex functions. 
  • You have to pay a fee for PG such as credit card payment and PoLi. However, if payments are made at your shop or bank transfer, there will be no fee at all. 
  • You can have a takeaway and reservation website only for $1.50+GST per day. (One time Setting fee $300+GST exclusive)
  • We provide a QR code that can be posted in your store. You can create a regular customer who can make continuous purchases via the website.  
  • Since EZorder is a system that only focuses on payment and order, the production period does not take long, on average, 3-4 business days (up to 7 business days) unless there are special circumstances. 
  • Basic support for SEO and Google search registration.
  • We provide free business emails like order@example.com. (Email forwarding service without mail server)
  • Clients can purchase without registration.
  • Clients can easily sign up through Social Login for loyalty programme.
  • intLab is responsible for the website's maintenance.

Service Notice

  • This product cannot be modified/changed to a design other than the basic design. (Basic design will continue to be added)
  • It is unavailable to add functions or customize special functions. 
  • This product does not provide an administrator accounts. We only give you permission to manage products, orders and payments. 
  • Multi-language function is not available, and you must select one default language.
  • If you want additional features, or add or customize pages, you need to upgrade to a managed PLUS plan or higher. 
  • The mandatory period of use is one year. In case of mid-term cancellation, the service fee for the remaining period is non-refundable.
  • We register up to 3 products for free, and you must register additional products by yourself. (We will teach you how to upload a product by distance learning.)
  • When requesting product registration, it costs $10+GST per product, and all contents such as product description and photos must be provided.
  • Must prepare your own PG company registration. (We will guide you remotely.)


$699 $ 547.50 +GST / Year
  • Only $1.50 per day!
  • No sales commission
  • Various payment methods such as store payment, credit card, PoLi, bank transfer, etc. can be selected
  • Ready in 3-4 business days on average (up to 7 business days)
  • Online Email Order Notification
  • Pickup date and time can be set
  • Domain, hosting, maintenance included.
  • Free business email

Setting fee $300+GST extra (First time only)

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