EZORDER Takeaway


EZorder is an e-Commerce solution for the food service industry provided by intLab. 

It's a template product designed to meet the needs of food industry owners who want to reduce website development costs and preparation time, and who don't want sales commissions. 

EZorder, focusing solely on online ordering and payments without the hassle of complex features or content preparation, is the perfect solution for cafes, sushi shops, restaurants, and more looking for online takeaway options in this contactless era.

No additional sales commissions, and for just $2 a day, intLab covers everything from domain, hosting, maintenance, to Google registration and SEO.


Features of the Service

  • No sales commissions to pay. 
  • It's a straightforward system that skips complex features, focusing solely on product sales, ordering, and payment. 
  • You only need to pay the fees for using payment gateways like credit cards or PoLi. In-store payments and bank transfers are also available, with no additional fees for these methods. 
  • For just $2+GST a day, we provide a takeaway and booking site. (A one-time setup fee of $300+GST is separate.)
  • We provide a QR code that you can display in your store. Through this QR code, customers picking up products can become regulars with the opportunity for ongoing purchases.  
  • Since EZorder is a system focused solely on payments and orders, the production time is relatively short, averaging 3-4 business days (up to a maximum of 7 business days), unless there are special circumstances. 
  • We provide basic support for SEO and Google search registration.
  • We offer a free business email, like [email protected], at no additional cost. (Note, this includes email forwarding but does not include a server.)
  • Purchases can be made without the need for membership registration.
  • intLab is responsible for the maintenance.

Service Information

  • This product cannot be modified or changed to a different design from the base design. (We plan to continue adding to the base designs.)
  • Customisation for additional features or special functionalities beyond the basic features is not possible. 
  • This plan does not provide individual admin accounts. You are only granted the authority to manage orders and payments. 
  • The multi-language feature is not available, and you must choose one primary language.
  • If you desire additional features, page additions, or customisation, you must upgrade to the Managed PLUS plan or a higher level of service. 
  • The minimum contract period for this service is one year. Should you cancel midway, the service fee for the remaining period is non-refundable.
  • We offer free registration for up to three products, and any additional products must be registered by you. (Instructions on how to do this will be provided through remote training.)
  • When requesting product uploading, there is a charge of $10+GST per product, and you must provide all content, including product descriptions and photos.
  • Please prepare the credit card and payment gateway registration yourself. (We will guide you remotely.)


$730 $ 547   .50 / annual