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Reasonable, Sustainable, Speedy

We don't demand excessive upfront fees, and you don't need a lot of money to set up a site. We bundle all costs, including website creation, domain, and hosting, into an affordable annual subscription.

We don't just create your website. 

We not only promise to consistently manage your online business to ensure its smooth operation, but also guarantee quick and efficient service. 



Do you need a website with various functionalities? IntLab has professional web developers. Therefore, programming for the functionalities you desire is possible, and we have the ability to quickly solve various front-end and back-end issues.



Looking for a website that's on the cutting edge? Our designers at IntLab deliver designs that meet exactly what you're after. We offer more than just website design; think brand logos, online banners, ads, posters, flyer, and business card design - everything your business needs for both online content and print materials.



Have you been spending on ads without seeing any results? We can help with advertising across various platforms like Google.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization

Leveraging IntLab's expertise in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential for a successful business. Aim for higher visibility and increased sales with the powerful impact of SEO, more effective than any advertisement.

Social Media

social media

IntLab can help promote your site and products by utilizing various social media platforms.

Contents Marketing

Content Marketing​

A flashy website alone won't impress your customers. We assist in creating content that truly engages your audience.

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✔ Have a substantial real portfolio?

Would you entrust your work to a company that can't disclose their portfolio or lists fake portfolios you've never heard of? intLab guides you to a successful online business through a wide range of practical experience, from small to large-scale projects.

✔ Has the company been around for a long time?

The trustworthiness of a company often hinges on how long it has been in operation. intLab is a 21-year-old company registered with the NZ Companies Office. It wouldn't be surprising if a company that's only been around for 1-2 years suddenly disappeared.

✔ Have a formal contract?

Would you entrust your work to companies that have no defined regulations on responsibilities and obligations? In an English formal contract, it's crucial to precisely delineate the work scopes of the client and the producer to ensure accurate and efficient task handling.

✔ People around who recommend?

If you take a look at intLab's portfolio, you'll notice many familiar businesses. Ask our clients! Their level of satisfaction is on a different level compared to others.

✔ Are the service costs affordable and honest?

We don't play pricing games by claiming to offer discounts without having a set price list. All of intLab's costs are openly disclosed on our website. From the start, we guide all our customers with an honest and affordable pricing policy.

The Final Decision is intLab!

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