Service Plan

Reasonable fee from starting at $1 a day.

Service Plans

intLab is a managed website service on a monthly or annual flat rate

Also, we provide a standalone website service for those who want to operate a standalone site without management.


This service is suitable for just starting a business without any contract and website knowledge.


This service is suitable for those who want to reduce the initial cost and the ongoing cost, but want to manage the website by themselves.


This service is suitable for companies who have already experienced and managed websites by themselves but want to build a well-built website.

Services comparison

Managed service VS Standalone service


IntLab’s managed service costs only $1, 2, or 3 per day, and updates, maintenance with online marketing support are covered by intLab. Now business owners only need to focus on their business.










For $699 (including GST), we create customized websites such as the company homepage, online shopping mall, online ordering site. However, domain, hosting, and homepage maintenance and management are not included.










You only need to pay the cost when building the site for the first time, and there is no additional cost to intLab after opening the site.

The website building’s cost may vary depending on the site’s size and function, and the fee will be decided after consulting with us.










Most frequent questions and answers

If there is excessive traffic or excessive data while operating the website, we recommend upgrading to a higher plan.

IntLab monitors the web site’s traffic from time to time, and if you need a higher-level plan, we contact you to discuss. It is possible to change to a higher service at any time in the middle of the service. However, changes to sub-services are not allowed in any case, so you must choose the right product from the start.

In the initial consultation with our intLab, we will guide you to the products that meet your needs. If you want to change to a standalone service after receiving a managed service, please consult with us first as the cost of relocation may vary depending on the site’s size.

This service is for small business owners who do not know the website or have difficulty having a separate website administrator. intLab is in charge of website building to maintenance,

Of course, it is possible. However, in this case, we recommend you should apply for a standalone service. Depending on the site’s size and function, website building’s cost may vary, so please consult with us first.

Economy service is suitable for those who want to minimize the cost of building and maintaining the website. So, server speed and optimization, search engine optimization, etc. are not perfectly applied. You have to decide from among the drafts that have already been created.

Premium service is a perfect service for those who want to manage the site themselves. It is a service that allows you to immediately apply marketing such as quick access and response through server optimization, search engine-friendly configuration, etc., according to the amount of investment. Besides, a site tailored to the customer’s request is provided.

Providing a better service requires an appropriate investment of time. Therefore, for economy and premium, a website with a quality proportional to the time invested in production at intLab will appear.

However, the standalone service’s maintenance is the customer’s responsibility, and an extra fee will be charged, upon request to our intLab.

Maintenance means that the customer’s website is managed to display and operate normally, and includes the server or hosting operating system, PHP version, DB type, and CMS update.

It also includes basic DDOS protection and ongoing management for SPAM protection. 

Website content changes or large-scale DDOS out of scope are not covered under maintenance. 

The BASIC plan is suitable for a website to introduce companies without major changes, and for an online shopping mall with few products. It is provided three times a year for small changes, such as short text, phone numbers and addresses, and product price changes.

The PLUS plan is for websites that are subject to change and have many pages. It is provided once a month for small changes, such as short text, phone numbers and addresses, and product price changes.

The Premium plan is suitable for a website with a larger site than the other two products and requires frequent changes or regular updates. It is provided twice a month for small changes, such as short text, phone numbers and addresses, and product price changes.

All intLab services accept bank transfer and credit card payment. Also, we will issue an invoice and GST receipt.

IntLab’s managed monthly subscription plan does not have a contract period, and you only need to give a notice 4 weeks before service termination.

However, compared to the monthly subscription plan, you can receive various benefits such as a two-month free period.

Stand-alone websites automatically stop service unless you extend your domain and hosting annually.

intLab uses CMS (Contents Management System) according to customer needs.

Since we have various CMS technologies such as WordPress which has over 30% of the world’s website share, Shopify, Rhymix and GNU and Prestashop, we will build a website that meets your needs.

intLab never uses web builders (e.g. WIX etc.) that have limitations in the level of freedom, functionality, and design of the web unless otherwise requested by the customers.

Using the latest PHP and DB provides a faster website, and the application of SSL allows customers to shop more securely and trustworthy.

We, intLab, considerably lowered the barrier to entry to website production costs, with the idea that “your success is our success”. Also, the principle is to secure many customers at low cost.

Meet other web agencies first, then contact us. You will be satisfied with the new level of consultation, website results, and reliable management services.

You can decide to extend or terminate the service 4 weeks before the end of your contract with intLab. At the end of the contract, all copyrights of website design, function, domain, logo, etc. provided by intLab belong to intLab. However, all copyrights of the content directly delivered by the customer, such as product images and detailed product descriptions, remain with the customer.

For standalone services, all sites are owned by the customer. All operational responsibilities, such as site management, service extension, maintenance, and rest with the customer.

After you decide to build a website, you need to sign a service contract agreement with intLab. All projects start after the first payment has been made. When creating a website, the necessary information will be requested by intLab as a document according to the customer’s business situation, and all information provided is confidential and protected by copyright.

In the case of a managed plan, our experts will restore or fix the problem as soon as possible. This is provided free of charge, and a small fee may be applied if service changes such as relocation to a higher server are required.
In the case of a standalone site, you must either solve it yourself or ask us, and in this case, there is a cost.

All of our intLab Managed Services sites are kept in perfect condition with the latest security updates and thorough maintenance, so that’s rarely the case. Nevertheless, in hacking or basic DDOS, we will take measures free of charge to ensure normal operation as soon as possible. However, in the case of large-scale DDOS other than the basic size of DDOS, in this case, extra fee will be charged as it may be necessary to evacuate your server to a separate safety shelter.

With the standalone plan, you can either solve it yourself or ask us for recovery. Additional costs are incurred when evacuating.

There are several variables in improving the speed of your website. Therefore, it is of paramount importance for service managers to have different experiences with these variables.

Our experience in operating various websites of intLab will be a great help to keep your website at a stable speed.

Managed services are accountable for intLab, and we are committed to maintaining a stable speed, which is included in the service cost.

On the other hand, standalone service requires you to solve all problems yourself or pay for maintenance separately.

At intLab, we are the first to analyze the slowdown cause and find a way to solve the problem.
However, in the event of a slowdown due to an increase in users, it may be necessary to request a change to a higher product with sufficient traffic or change to a standalone service and then move to a VPS standalone server rather than hosting.

Please consult with intLab for a detailed consultation on the transfer process and cost.

intLab can build a website where you can purchase and guide almost any type of service and product.

However, we will never provide services for content or websites intended for such purposes, contrary to local and international laws in New Zealand & Australia or that may be socially and morally abused.

First, we look for ways to solve the problem through cause analysis.

If you get a managed plan, and the site goes down, we analyze the cause and fix it. In general, the management service includes both problem analysis and resolution services, unless it is a traffic and server resource problem.

In the case of a standalone plan, you will have to solve this problem yourself, and you will incur a cost for analysis and problem resolution when you refer to us.

If the website crashes without any reason for the program, the number of users instantly increases, or the server/hosting resources are exceeded (e.g. image compression, etc.).

However, it is recommended that you apply for a change to a higher product with sufficient traffic or change to a standalone service and then move to a VPS or standalone server rather than general hosting.

Please consult with intLab for a detailed consultation on the transfer process or cost.

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