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Service Plans

Can I change the service plan?

If your website experiences excessive traffic or generates an overwhelming amount of data, we recommend upgrading to a higher plan.

At intLab, we continuously monitor the traffic of your website and will contact you to discuss if an upgrade to a higher plan is necessary. You can switch to a superior service at any point during your service period. 

However, switching to a lower-tier plan is not permitted under any circumstances, so it's essential to select the right plan from the start. During the initial consultation with intLab, we will guide you to the products that best suit your needs. 

If you wish to switch from a managed service to a self-managed option, please consult with us first as the cost of migration may vary depending on the size of your site.

Who are managed plan suitable for?

This service is designed for small to medium-sized businesses that find it challenging to have a separate website administrator or lack extensive knowledge about web management. intLab takes care of everything from website creation to maintenance. 

Can customers manage the website by themselves?

Certainly, that's possible. However, in such cases, you'll need to opt for a standalone service. Since the construction cost can vary depending on the size and functionality of the site, it's crucial to consult with us first.

What does maintenance entail?

Maintenance refers to the management ensuring that the customer's website is displayed and operates normally. This includes updates to the server or hosting operating system, PHP version, database type, and CMS.

Additionally, it includes ongoing management for basic DDOS prevention and SPAM protection. 

Changes to site content or handling large-scale DDOS attacks that exceed the scope of response are not included in the maintenance coverage. 

What are the differences between each plan in the managed plan?

The BASIC plan is ideal for websites aimed at introducing companies without major changes, or for online shopping sites with a limited range of products. It includes up to three annual updates for minor changes such as simple text, phone numbers and addresses, and plan price changes. 

The PLUS plan is designed for websites with numerous pages that might undergo changes. It offers monthly updates for minor changes such as simple text, phone numbers and addresses, and changes in plan prices. 

The Premium plan is suitable for larger sites that require frequent changes or regular updates compared to the other two plans. It provides bi-monthly updates for minor changes such as simple text, phone numbers and addresses, and changes in product prices. 

The number of revisions provided as part of the above services do not roll over to the following month.

What types of payment are available?

All of intLab's services can be paid for via bank transfer or credit card.(Extra credit card fee 3%) Additionally, every payment made to intLab comes with an invoice and a GST receipt.

Is it possible to terminate the service early?

intLab's managed fixed-rate service is contracted on an annual basis, and you just need to give us a notice 4 weeks prior to service termination. 

However, if you cancel mid-term, the fees for the remaining period will not be refunded.

Standalone plan will have their services automatically suspended if the domain and hosting are not renewed annually. 

What web programs do you use?

intLab uses CMS (Content Management System) that fits customers' needs.

intLab has various CMS technologies including WordPress, which has over 30% of global website market share, Xpress Engine (or Rhymix) and Gnuboard which are suitable for Korean websites, and Prestashop. With this expertise, we can build a website that meets your needs.

For your reference, intLab does not use website builders that have limitations in web use freedom, functions and design quality (e.g. WIX) unless specifically requested by a customer.

By using the latest PHP and database, we provide faster websites, and apply SSL security certificates so customers can operate online business more safely and reliably.

Why is it so affordable?

intLab has dramatically lowered the entry barriers regarding website development costs with the mindset that "our customers' success is our success". Also, securing many customers at affordable costs is our principle. 

Meet other web development companies and contact intLab. You will be satisfied with the consultation, website deliverables and solid management service on a different level.

What happens to the website when the managed plan contract ends?

You can decide to extend or terminate the service 4 weeks before the contract with intLab ends. When the contract ends, the copyrights of the website design, functions, domain, logo etc. provided by intLab belong to intLab. However, the copyrights of contents directly provided by you such as product images, product descriptions remain with you. 

Who owns the standalone plan?

For the standalone plan, you retain full ownership of the website. However, you take on all responsibilities regarding site management, service extension, maintenance etc.

What information do I need to provide when requesting website development?

After deciding on website development, you will proceed with a service contract with intLab. All projects start after the first service fee has been paid. The information required for website development will be requested through documents tailored to your business situation by intLab, and all provided information is kept confidential with copyright protection.

If the website gets damaged due to an update

In the case of a managed plan, if such a problem occurs, it will be restored to the previous state or resolved as soon as possible with web experts. Basically, this service will be provided for free, but if service changes such as transferring to a higher server are necessary, additional fees may apply.

For standalone plan, you would need to resolve the issues yourself or commission them to us, in which case there would be a fee.

If the website gets a DDOS attack or hacked

For all sites under intLab's managed service, such incidents rarely occur as the latest security updates and thorough management maintain them in perfect condition. However, in case hacking or a basic DDOS attack occurs, we will take measures to restore normal operation as soon as possible free of charge. However, for a large-scale DDOS attack beyond the basic size, there may be a fee involved if we need to evacuate your server to a separate safety shelter. 

For standalone plan, you would need to resolve the issues yourself or commission them to us, in which case there would be a fee corresponding to the time spent on recovery. Additionally, there would be extra fees if evacuation to a safety shelter is required.

If the website speed becomes slow

There are various factors that affect website speed optimization. Thus, the service manager's extensive experience with these variables is most important. intLab's diverse expertise in operating websites will greatly empower maintaining a stable speed for your website.

For managed plan, intLab takes responsibility to do our best to maintain a stable speed, which is covered in the service fees.

On the other hand, for standalone plan, you would need to resolve all issues yourself or pay separate maintenance fees.

When a speed degradation occurs, intLab's first step is to analyze the cause and explore solutions to resolve the issue.

However, if speed degradation occurs due to increased traffic, you may need to request an upgrade to a product tier with more bandwidth capacity or switch to a standalone service and move to a VPS or dedicated server instead of shared hosting.

Please contact intLab for detailed consultation regarding the process and costs of migration.

Do you build any type of websites?

You can build a website with intLab that can purchase and showcase almost any kind of service or product.

However, we absolutely do not provide services for websites with content that violates New Zealand laws, international laws, or could be socially/morally exploited, or websites made for such purposes. 

My website keeps crashing or going down.

We first analyze the cause and explore solutions for resolving the issue.

If you're on a managed plan and your site goes down, we analyze the cause and resolve the issue. Generally the service fee includes both troubleshooting and solution services, unless the problem is due to traffic or server resource limitations.

For standalone plan, you would need to resolve such issues yourself. If you request assistance from us, there would be fees for the analysis and troubleshooting.

Website crashes or downtime that occur unexpectedly (without coding issues) are usually caused by sudden traffic spikes or exceeding server/hosting resources (e.g. compressed images).

However, I recommend upgrading to a plan with more traffic allowance or switching to a standalone service and migrating to a VPS or dedicated server instead of standard shared hosting.

Please consult with intLab for more details on the migration process or costs.

Managed Plan

If you lack knowledge in website management, it can be quite difficult to manage a website. 

You may find it hard to deal with unexpected issues like website crashes or hacks.

However, intLab's managed services provide optimal solutions for such issues. We take care of everything - daily updates, maintenance, online marketing support, etc. - so you can focus solely on running your business.

intLab's services are very affordable, with plans starting at just $1, $2, $3 or $4 per day.

Standalone Plan

For those who wish to operate by themselves

The standalone plan would be suitable for companies that already have experience managing websites and want full customization and independent control. It's the best choice for those who want full ownership of their website. 


A popular global e-commerce platform. Shopify

Shopify is a globally popular ecommerce platform that provides a wide range of features and a user-friendly interface. If you want a shopping website with modern styles and unique designs, Shopify can meet your needs.


뤼튼 Claude 2.1 If you want a shopping website that can provide an excellent shopping experience for customers through an intuitive interface and various functions, we recommend Shopify.


Easy and affordable Online Order E-commerce with no sales commissions

EZorder is a food service industry specific e-commerce solution developed and provided by intLab. It minimizes website development costs and preparation time, and is a product that meets the needs of restaurant managers without any sales commissions.


EZorders focuses on online ordering and payment, making it suitable for contactless online takeout at cafés, sushi shops, restaurants, etc. in this era. Without any sales commissions, for just $1.50 a day, intLab takes care of the domain, hosting, maintenance, Google registration, and SEO.


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By being exposed at the top of search results, there is a higher possibility that more users will visit and click, therefore more traffic sources can be secured.