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Managed Plan

Creating a website is important,
but the maintenance is even more crucial.

As time passes, websites face various issues such as security vulnerabilities and outdated designs. 


It's no longer a wise choice to consume a lot of resources maintaining a website created with a large budget. Therefore, you should approach the website as a concept of usage rather than ownership.


intLab provides an integrated management plan that includes the latest design, development, maintenance, hosting, and domain management in line with the flow of this era of change, all at a reasonable price.

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IntLab is reasonable and honest.

We are responsible for web development and maintenance tailored to customer needs. 🔥 🔥

Fast Responsibility Easy and creative ideas too!


$1.50 a Day

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Case Study


COUPMANUKAU is an original streetwear specialty store located in the Manukau Shopping Mall. Previously, they used a website created by non-professionals, but due to the lack of quality, they requested a new website from IntLab.


Since introducing a new website in line with the latest trends, the store's online sales have been steadily increasing, and both customers and the business owner are satisfied with the results.



Do you need a website with various functionalities? IntLab has professional web developers. Therefore, programming for the functionalities you desire is possible, and we have the ability to quickly solve various front-end and back-end issues.



Looking for a website that's on the cutting edge? Our designers at IntLab deliver designs that meet exactly what you're after. We offer more than just website design; think brand logos, online banners, ads, posters, flyer, and business card design - everything your business needs for both online content and print materials.



Have you been spending on ads without seeing any results? We can help with advertising across various platforms like Google.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization

Leveraging IntLab's expertise in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential for a successful business. Aim for higher visibility and increased sales with the powerful impact of SEO, more effective than any advertisement.

Social Media

social media

IntLab can help promote your site and products by utilizing various social media platforms.

Contents Marketing

Content Marketing​

A flashy website alone won't impress your customers. We assist in creating content that truly engages your audience.

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